Memo From Your Mind

by Sheridan Davis

The Brain
Your Mind
Our Body

Sleep is Good!

Dear Brain,

Why do you insist on waking up two hours before we are supposed to actually be up? At least when you do this at 2 am, we are usually able to fall back to sleep. 5:34AM was not a good time to start obsessing over things that you have all day to over think and worry about. Yes, there are a lot of things to get accomplished in a short amount of time, but this constant fixation is not helping anyone. You are supposed to be resting; it is your quiet time! Keep this up and you will go to time out, and then maybe the rest of us, me and the body, will finally get some sleep. Tossing and turning and trying to shut you back down is not happy times. True we are the "brains" behind this entire operation, but our body is not happy. It is going to whine and complain all day long and then get dysfunctional on us. Do you really want to listen to that and then try to sort it all out? I don't. So let's get a grip! Don't you know, "All good people are asleep and dreaming....” GREAT! And now at 6:54AM we have Skinny Puppy playing in our head.

Agitated and Exhausted,
Your Mind