Be strong you can make it

by Francis Delali Foli (Kinngdela)

For there shall be times that many shall discourage us, many shall rebuke us of the great ideas we have for the great work we try to do, they shall reject, but stand on your feet and be strong . Focus and be straight in whatever you do, do not hide behind your shadows and try to run away from your talents, do not be discourage by what people say for it’s all the act of jealousy.

A journey of thousand miles they say begin with a step, take a step today and be determined to continue moving forward, never lose focus but look on ahead, many destructions will come the way, some you can overcome, others you cannot but do not let this discourage you. Many great achievers we hear of or see did not make it overnight, it wasn’t by magic but by determination and hard work.

Rome was not built in a day, so is success. Success can never be built in a day, it takes determination, success, and a visionary insight to be successful. Success does not only mean to be wealthy or the richest man on earth. Success comes in different forms and wears different attire. To me success is when am able to impact into the lives of many people in the society, where most people can say yes they are proud of me, that’s success. What about you?

What legacy can you leave behind so others will follow, what will people say about you even after your death and what will people remember you with? To leave a great legacy, you need to be able to achieve your dreams, you desires.

You have a talent, discover it and use it to impact into lives, Hard work and determination you can do it, it never too late, neither is it too early to start

working towards achieving your dreams. My dreams are so big that beyond the skies is my limit, and for that reason I have started working towards achieving my dreams, I have started taking my steps and I shall surely complete the journey of the thousand miles. Have you?

Put behind all negative thoughts and ideas, all forms of discouragement and put on a successful smile and start walking towards your dreams and you will be amazed it will become a reality in no time.

There is nothing perfect in this life, there is nothing 100% but do you best to be close to perfection, to be close to 100%. There shall be few backslide on the way but that shouldn’t stop you from getting where you are going. You will fall along the line but be strong, get on your feet and continue, tiredness will befall you but don’t lose hope, continue the journey and along the way, you will get water to quench your test, along the way, you will find a resting point.

When you get there, you shall surely smile at the storm, you shall fly on eagle wings and you can hit your hand on your chest and boldly say, I have made it. People will then look at you and praise you and can finally relax and enjoy your success.

Be strong and be determined, be focus and be courageous and you will make it. I have started my journey, have you?

Thank you.