Untitled #4 by Danielle Uber Alles

Guitar Player Watercolor by Milton Morgan

Untitled #4 by Danielle Uber Alles

pulled at the s e a m

stretched out and dry.

my life is a never-ending battle with myself.

so i write these stupid words and string them together. maybe someone can make sense of me.

lay to waste my cowardice.
i can't own up to this.

i can't go on.

so what is it all good for?

just for you to watch me bleed?

i really ought to sleep but the thought is smothering me.

i can't wash it away.
i can't think it away.

so now what?

i can't make eye contact with even myself anymore.

those images of a withered girl are burned deep inside those eyes.

i'm a good girl.
i'm a good girl.
i'm a good girl.

it's a lie.
i'm used to it.
i'm probably better at saying that than i am at even telling you my name.

it's nothing new.
just some of the same old bullshit.