Train Ride by Chantel Humpherys

Montana by Jamie Townsend

Train Ride by Chantel Humpherys

On a warm summer night,
The train of life groans as it slips into the station
Presenting a promise of unknown destination
The conductor shouts “All Aboard!”
I board without hesitation

I’m not alone on this journey of mine
Parents, teachers, strangers, friends
No one knows their journey’s end
Helping each other along the way,
Repairing the broken, love transcends

The trains whistle blows as it shimmies down the track
Following orders of the gantries
Beautiful mountains to lonely parries
Grand busy cities, quaint country farms
Growing pains and treasured memories

Clack-clack-clack-screech, pausing a moment
A stop here a stop there finds a dear friend
Whose journey has come to an end
Tearfully I say goodbye better, for having known them
Someday, my ride too will end