Asphalt Jungle by Sarah Abraham

Salt Lake Architecture by Robin Glassey

Asphalt Jungle by Sarah Abraham

I walk these city streets with ease
Breath in your cancer
Ingest your disease

Cos I can't walk a corner on these streets
Without indulging in the breeze

This air is full
Of an infection
It's a disception
Of indiscretion

Reality is a falsity
That's way way way way
Beyond me

We live in a state
That we dedicate to a lie
To the fascination
Of the appreciation of things

It's a superficial world
Barbie and ken make it
Oh so real
Plastic, tragic, infatuous

Tell me you see beyond the mirror
Alice looked into the looking glass
And now here we are on the other side at last
Cos ever since then we never went back

How did we end up in a world of pretend
Where everyone says they want to make amends
But they never go farther then to let the words ease off their lips

We’ve lost sight of what authentic is
There’s a new version of truth everyday
Yet no one stops
No one admits
How far we’ve come from the real side of the mirror
Instead we’ve become accustomed to this place
Looks and youth are today’s wealth
We drink it up and we drink it well

We live in the moment
Indulge in the insane
Because tomorrow it could snow or rain

So smile while the sun is shining
And live while you have your youth
Because if you don’t waste your life now
Tomorrow could take it