Time Passed All Around

Tabby by Sherrie Hogan //

Time Passed all Around Gary Howard //
I remember first thinking
How there were depths in you
How uncharted oceans seemed to
Lap at your sides

Tiny breaking waves that seemed
To tug at your skin
Clearly you never stopped meaning

What met the eye as feline
But this was not enough
Since you were perched equally
Between god and soul

I remember as time passed
How we stepped through
Each other’s doors to always
Meet halfway between
Knowledge and existence

The moon shone richly on each step
You basked in its light
In its graceful welcoming approach

Always there was truth
And the anointed presence of balance
Not one note ever struck falsely

Time paused all around you
Unsure of where your breath may go

But I knew where there would always be
The sensitive turning over of time

And you're slipping through memory’s fingers
Overflowing with reassurances

And the serene distillation of love