When I was a child

by Maria Godinez

Many people may ask themselves, who is an important person in their life? They may ask, why? Well, let me talk about my grandparents, because they are important people for me. They are so important to me because they took care of me when I was a child. I saw them as my real parents, because they always were there for me, when I was living in Mexico City. They took care of me when I was sick, and they always worried about me more than my real parents. I think that my grandparents loved me more than my real parents, because they always gave me more love and attention than my real parents. I still feel the love of my grandparents that they gave me when I was a child. I believe that the love that they gave me is going to stay in my heart forever. I really love my grandparents, and I will love them for the rest of my life, because I see them as my parents. I remember that I used to call my grandma “Mama,” and my grandpa, “Papa.” I really miss my grandparents. I still wish that I could go back to the town where I lived with them as a child. I still hope that I have a chance to see my grandma one more time. I really want to tell her that I have become a responsible person, thanks to her and my grandpa.
I used to spend a lot of time with my grandparents. I remember that we use to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day. When my grandma would cook, I was always in the kitchen, watching her. When she was cooking, she would tell me, “I’m going to show you how to cook so when you grow up you will remember how I made delicious food.” I still remember that she showed me how to make tortillas using comal and tortillera. I still remember that she use to make a delicious chicken soup. I could smell it throughout the whole house. She used to make dresses and pants for me, and then I would do the same thing for my dolls. My grandma had a garden where she would plant flowers, mango trees, lemons and guallava. We always were in her garden every morning putting water on her plants. I would hear the rooster crowing and smell the roses. I would go with my grandparents to my aunt’s house. I really miss those fun times that we would spend together, and hearing about her life and stories of her childhood. I wish I could remember all the details of the time we spent together, but because I have not been able to go back to Mexico in ten years, it has been hard.
I remember that my grandpa used to grow corn, beans, and other vegetables in his fields. And I always would enjoy going with him there. Sometimes we would ride horses, because the fields were about an hour from their house. And sometimes we walked there, but I had a lot of fun when I went with him to the fields, because it was a time when my grandpa and I would talk about life. I remember that he always told me to be a good and smart girl. He always told me that he wanted the best for me. “I want you to go to school and be a smart girl, finish your school and be something in life, because life is hard to live not having anything to support your family.” I still have in my mind all those conversations that I had with my grandpa, because we talked about everything, including about how different cultures are in each country. He gave me a lot of advice, and I still remember all it all. I am very grateful to my grandpa and grandma because, thanks to them, I am now a proud and strong women by myself. Thanks to all those conversations and advice that they gave me, I am who I am today. My grandma told me, “Take all the opportunities that you can.”
Of course mama, I will take all those good opportunities,” I said. I didn’t really want to move here to Utah. I wanted to stay in Mexico City, with them. Life is really hard to live in our town. There is no money, or places where you can have stable work. Normally, all the people grow their own corn, beans, and others vegetables. I don't remember that much because I was little when my real parents brought me here to the United States. The only thing that my grandparents wanted for me was to have a good future.
I remember that I loved to spend all day with my grandparents. I remember that I only would go to sleep at my real parents' house. My mom always got mad at me because I was never at home, or spent time with my mom and dad, brothers or sisters. I remember that I would be going to sleep over at my grandparents' house, and then I started taking my stuff to their house. We didn’t live that far from my grandparents' house - we just had to walk about ten minutes. I remember that I was five years old when I eventually did move into my grandparents' house. At that time I was the happiest child ever, because I was living with my grandparents. I really loved my grandparents. I see them as my real parents, because they would take care of me like no one else would.
My grandparents are important to me because they did so much for me when I was a child. They would protect me, when I was with them. I feel that my grandpa is still protecting me. I know that my grandma still prays for me every night. There are so many reasons that my grandparents are important to me. I have so many feelings about my grandparents and so many memories, but the only thing that I know is that both of them are important to me because they love me and they treat me like a real daughter. They took care of me when I was a child. They gave me all the attention and love that they could give me as their daughter.

My grandpa passed away last year on August 17, 2013, in Mexico, and I was not able to see him before. I know he is still taking care of me. I can feel it and I can still see him in my dreams. He will stay always in my heart.