Things My Mom Taught Me

by Trina Hanshew-Sanders

                My mom taught me an abundant amount of things while I was growing up, for that is how I get along so well in my daily life. My mom taught me the necessary tools of knowledge, for knowing how the best way to deal with difficult people on a daily basis. When I was a little girl, she taught and showed me daily, the proper ways of cooking when it came to meal times. I had to assist my mom during meal times, and most of all, couldn’t resist the fact of helping my mom as well. My mom also was great at keeping the house clean, and when I became old enough, she instilled those great habits into me. My mom also was a big part of my development, from the day I was born. When it came time for me to start school, she took the time to make sure that I had a grasp on the beginning requirements in reading, writing, and all other basic tools that are necessary when starting your first days at school. My mom was also a big teacher in showing how to properly care for myself, hygienically. Making sure to brush my hair, clean my body, tie my shoes, and to dress myself properly, were all important things with my mom. My mom had a high class of morals, and these morals and beliefs are what carried her through her life. The morals that my mom possesses are many morals that I have adapted for my life. So today, my morals and my mom’s morals are very similar.

                While growing up, and running into difficult times, I would always go to my mom for advice. I always knew that I could go to my mom for advice, that she was a very wise woman after living the life she lived. All mothers have been in similar situations, and that is why I knew that I would get great advice for the issues that I was having. My mom was always right in the advice that she gave me, and that is why today, I still continue to go to my mom for advice for sticky situations that I might get into. I also have gained much wisdom having her as my mom.

Things that I didn’t learn from my mom

                When I lost my eyesight seventeen years ago, my world turned upside down. When it came time for me to go into training, to learn how to live a blind life, my mom couldn’t help me then. Venturing over to the Division and Services for the Blind and Visionally Impaired, I learned how to live as a blind individual in society. While attending the Blind Center, I learned how to read and write in Braille. I learned how to navigate a computer, and work all the updated computer programs. I learned how to use all other forms of transportations to get around, since I’m no longer able to drive. I took a class that involved the best ways to cook, clean the house, and how to take care of myself after the loss of my sight. There are many blind individuals that have a problem with the simple tasks of chores, and taking care of themselves until they are trained in how to simply do this act. Also, while attending the Blind Center, I even took a wood crafting class, and a regular crafting class for the fun of it. I ended up building a bird house out of wood, and learned how to crochet, all while wearing blind folds during these acts.

                After learning everything that my mom taught me while growing up, and the wisdom that I gained from her, and all the specialized training that I received from the Division and Services for the Blind and Visionally Impaired, I feel that the benefits from all that I have learned in life, have made me the great, unstoppable individual that I am today. I am an individual that cannot be defeated.