The Slick Experience

by Timothy Brogan

This miserable life of college we lead.
Where just the basic food, shelter and clothing is hard to secure indeed.
Books are a fortune and the food is not cheap.
When this time is over, pass it on to someone else to keep.
To strip to the bare necessities changes a person.
Depending on your perspective, it can make you stronger so long as the condition doesn't worsen.
A learning experience that much is for sure.
That is a good thing for as long as we can endure.
It's like when we talk we are speaking a different language.
'Patience is a virtue' would probably be a good adage.

Our knowledge and our stock are growing out of this experience because it is like planting a seed.
Finding ourselves means going one by one through every single weed.
To make the jump and put yourself out there requires a big leap.
For every hill we climb and mountain in our path it only gets more steep.
To get to know the new you, or at least the latest version.
To bury the old ones away because if you don't it adds to the burden.
In the minds of the educated knowledge itself is pure.
To the student it is the goal that we need to procure.
It is a gift that flows through us, like a river flows through a passage.
So it is you and I, are we up for the challenge?

So come in with an open mind and take whatever you need.
It is the experience that helps us all in the end, this is the case that I plead.
Many things come with struggle, we may laugh, smile, or even weep.
But it is the knowledge that wakes us from our sleep.
Even afterwards what we take it with us will continue to burgeon.
I'd even go so far as to say the most learned can still be taught of this much I'm certain.
If ignorance and hatred is disease, knowledge is the cure.
The more knowledge is fed the better future we can secure.
To have someone put you down can certainly do its damage.
The growth and strength gained from college can help complete the package.