Simple Tranquility

by Kim Hostetter

            Home is a place where I feel at peace and connected to myself and the world around me. Just being. Home is the desert floor. The warm sparkly sand between my toes. Pouring the salty dirt through my fingers. Home is soaking my feet in a pond as guppies innocently tickle my soles, nibbling away the evidence of a love for flip flops. Home is a beach trail, hugging the coast. Passing strangers as I freely stroll. Watching the waves break and the sun set. Home is a mountain trail covered with fall leaves. Surrounded by so many vibrant colors it’s hard not to gasp at the beauty that’s unlocked with each turn. Home is exploring an unknown place. Observing the beauty of the city around me and feeling deeply connected to strangers through nothing more than a smile. Home can be losing myself in Mother Nature or the middle of a bustling city. Home is anywhere I feel safe and allow myself the freedom to accept the world around me.
            Home is walking pups through unfamiliar neighborhoods. Picking the house that would be mine if I could choose just one. Home is a convertible, wind blowing through my hair and singing along with music until I lose my voice. Home is a dear friend that makes me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts and my mascara runs down my cheeks. Home is a yoga mat, with all focus on the simplicity of breath. Home is an embrace so tight and strong that I am penetrated with love to the core. Home is the comfort of a faithful pup, licking up my tears as they stream down my face. Home is everywhere and anywhere where I feel peace in the silence. Where I feel a true connection to God.