Perfect summer day

by Erika Alcantra

             Home is the place where my body feels in peace, where time does not matter. Sharing long days and nights with my siblings, nieces, nephews and my own daughters. I paused, look around, am surrendered by the green color, blooming flowers with different shapes:z some are round some are skinny and tall and rich in wonderful smells. The ground is soft in some places, but rough and rocky in others. I stay still and smell the freshness of the air as it pats my face. In my ears I heard the sound of the water running down the stream splashing into the rocks. The sounds increase as I pay attention to the animals around me; those lovely sounds of life. Home, in the middle of the green tall mountains; where I do not keep track of time. At this point the only purpose of the cell phone is to capture those beautiful images so that we can have vivid pictures of our camping trip.
A delicious smell of a fresh cook meal in the grill; it doesn’t compare to an empty silent meal cooked in my own home. The sun is bright and it starts to warm up just in time to enjoy the cold water in my feet. Sitting down with a cold drink in my hands and letting the sun cover my skin for a beautiful tan. The sky starts turning dark; and the shiny stars are showing up. Crickets singing through the night, mosquitos eating you alive; in a matter of hours the sky if full of stars. Sit back and enjoy the night after a perfect summer day.

Home is where I feel in peace, where I can enjoyed the smells, colors and freshness of the tall trees in our beautiful mountains.