My Hero

by AdriAnn Manos

As Kurt he taught me to be myself,
as himself he makes me laugh.
In his books he taught me to believe in my dreams,
and that courage is your friend.

His glassy eyes always shine with fun and warmth,
and his laugh is the same.
He’s not afraid to be a dork, or a geek.
So both I am proud to be.

We both like the same things:
Harry Potter, Star Wars and many other stuff

He is as selfless as anyone could think.
When I met him the first time,
he spent special time with me.
He gave me all his attention,
and clammed me up when I tried to speak.

The second I saw him I knew he’d be special.
Little did I know how much
he would change my life.
I wish, then, how I could’ve understood.

So Thank You Chris Colfer
for changing my life.
For making me come out of my shell.
To you I will always be grateful.
my one and only hero.