Just Ur Pawn

by Brook Cummings

My name is pawn, call me squared death, all that is - I was.
64 ways to turn but all I own is 1 path of destruction my execution is here.
Am I composed of light or am I a product in the dark? What does it matter once I’m dead?
I refuse to go down easy so in passing, I reached out for you and took you down with me.
I now own your castle your land and that horse but this does not make me your queen.
Why must I settle for less? All I wanted in this life is a king of my own
Not the thrown or the glory but to be the only one.
I know now he loved her best with her name he spoke in his final breath.
Please help me find where it is I bleed from.
I’m fading from the grace I have fallen, I’m all in.
With no safety net to catch me caught in time.
I have nowhere to turn, without placing my back to my king.
Speak not of abandoning my soul in search of salvation.
These relationships bind our core of human existence.
Stand aside or bring me my knight in shining armor
The system has failed me stepping over my dying corpse
Where is my bishop now? Please hear my last confession.
Taught not to question but why has this chain lost its link?
Divided into four pieces of my broken heart
Maybe I ought not to think of this as a token of my life
A cluster wife on a wing should protect her king
Might I find herself noble and higher than the kite?
Entangled the entitled string caught on a rook.
Why am I alone your isolated pawn?
Sequestered on a lily of the pond, with any hope gone.
Influenced by the greater cause but am I not alive?
Where’s my worth in the war of my will to survive.
Merely a foot soldier only to be stepped upon found gone
In the break of dawn, I wonder where this all went so wrong.
Will you not check to see if I’m breathing?
Bleeding out, crying out for reinforcement
You torment my endearment because you fear it
Compassion is the only rational reaction when hear it
Will you let me fall? Does that glory taste so sweet?
Enough to eat my soul ripped from your clutches
Looking down through amusement all I fear is all I held so near and dear
A choice made for me before I ever got here
Label me a pawn of the king spawn from the Queen
She Stands in front of thee hardened to the core

Check her mate because he breathes no more.