It’s Never too Late to Civilize RVX

by Mick Englert

Before Beginning,
A word on little Melech,
(They sacrificed their children to him for good harvest,
The perverted ‘Moloch’ is more identifiable)
Bouncing boy of an oven,
Impressive fire belches, engulf everything organic,
Syncopating heavy and deep, violently sensuous,
Sufflaminandus, contemptible,
But all characters,
Writhing, dry sandpaper ashes of that low down familiar biologic type a heat,
Won’t you let me out of bed for a just a moment?

The creators of VX received the Lenin Peace Prize for their efforts by The State.
VX has recently been released in Syria, I saw The News today and the last few days and
don’t want to the next few, but it’s an adult thing to do, watching The News.
Don’t you admire The News?

Let it be then, I don’t ask anything of them,
They are what they are,
Most people aren’t even sorry about it,
“Starving, Hysterical, Naked?”
If only,
If only for today, for once, for the vibrating millenium,
Now fourteen years old,
And very much a disappointment,

“For all it’s worth to me!”
(This is Dad speaking now)
With eyes lonely faute de mieux
Their own sooty timid glances,
Brushing, looking, begging for a palatable feel finding...
Insatiable, Complacent, Impeccably dressed!
Jump back! Cringe, howl, what has happened here in my very home?
The same home where hearts leave, tears begin, paint dries,
and the rain gutters stuff with leaves up quick?

When did parody become such answered prayer?
Truth is pity, Death is a distant glare
“For what it’s worth, it’s worth all it’s worth in nothing but air to breathe for me!”
To the depths, THE REAL DOWN DEEP kind of depths,
          To the underground for forty years,
          Then back again up to breathe
          After all the bad times, discolored his lungs beyond repair,
          With that oily sticky smell - Absolute Progress,
          The State, The News, The Father,

Note: Tantalus couldn’t drink, couldn’t eat as punishment from arbitrary Gods
This is important

Skin contact, 10 milligrams, The chest tightens, pupil dilation fluctuates rapidly, sweat, oily
tobacco spirited, America filled industrial grease sweat, coming down in little droplets to be
soaked up by the porous flaw in human anatomical design, Great Job Sir, Soaking up
everything, we have discovered the science of, perfected the math in exploiting the flaws
for efficient artifact removal, disposal is a wall we face, what end requires this means, what
national united human race is worth all this anymore? Where’s the fruit? Where’s the water?
I’m not thirsty, never will be. Shouldn’t we just call this whole thing off now?
          The atom can be split in your backyard nowadays,
          With a little know how and a bit of that fine peculiar western grit,
          I do not know what terms this is which I am recalled to commit to,

          I commit to nothing,
          And there is nothing more to proclaim in the presence of RVX,
          Coming Down,
          In buckets,

“Martyr all God’s creation” - thoughtful bumper sticker I recall.
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