Death on the line

by Gerardo E. Flores

When you hearing that, might think an athlete who is a runner. Imagine, He is an attempt to get the 
goal with courage ran with last straight trying to cross the line, and just with the last breath fall and 
death on the line.
  I recall the days of the one’s childhood, at the age eight years old. It was one day in the morning the 
October when all fruits is ripe. My mother saw to me jump, and jump I was trying to cut a peach from a three She approached to me with affectionate sight and a smile on her lips, She pulled the branch of the three and took the fruit with caring and warms hands She gave to me She looking around I don’t know what She looking but it was an old bench under the three and sat on it. Has been reined one day before and everything has bright colors specially the green. The flowers the different shapes given a smooth scent of wild rose. The birds flying the one side to other and stopped on the sunflowers for eat the seeds. I don’t know where come from far away I hearing a woodpecker with particular sound what I heard over and over again. I sat next to my mam She looked to me I was biting the peach, She took along breath and smile She silent for few moments and pass her hand over my head and touch my hair, and made one question ‘it is good ? !oh yes it so sweet and juicy and smell well. I tried for get to many times but it was to higher I said, it was on the top of the three. I replayed, the better fruits is on the top, or is hiding between the leafs She said, why I asked, because almost of all like eat the fruits is on the easy take some from low branches or from the ground, why? I asked again, well the some persons like the easy way, what is that? I said, Well the persons like the easy and fast they like avoid the difficulties, but I think is right, I don’t like the problems, how I will go to eat peaches without your help I ‘m not toll. Well I hope one day you will be a big man! At this time I not understood the significance of declare the this words. But at the age thirteen years I stared to concern because I not have been grown faster that I wanted. I remember I tried to eat and do exercise and special the things the people say is good for grow and not get satisfied my results I started to measure at the wall