by David Ahlman

ENTER read the entrance light—
No warning signs around—
It seemed appealing
To see her standing
Atop the door I found.

Oh, yes!” I said within myself—
Taking no thought for reason—
I looked on in
With sheepish grin,
In the door, I found no treason.

Enjoy!” a voice from female source—
Seduced an unknown speaker—
As darkness then
Dispersed fast when
At the door I found a taker.

Follow me” she said taking my hand—
An guiding me up the stairs—
Which creaked beneath
Our hollow feet
From the door I found down there.

Oh, no!” I said within myself—
As conscience gasped a sound—
I’ve made a mistake
In hand I take
Away from the door I found.

EXIT lit not red or green—
Only in my mind it screamed—
To retract back
First steps to last
Out the door I found off street.

No leaving” whispered lady’s lips—
Lust’s languish ignited a spark—
Love was bought
At a terrible cost:
Through the door I lost my heart.