Being Your Father

by Michael Dolce Riggs

My mind is starting to unwind like a ball of yarn
Because in less than seven months you will be in my arms
I don’t know what it means to be a father
I don’t even know how to get started
But I want to try harder so I can give you everything
And show you how much you mean to me

I need to be honest it is tough for me to keep a promise
So I ask for grace if I ever miss a baseball game
Please know that I want to be there for you everyday
Staying up late and playing games
If you are a girl and want to learn ballet
I’ll do it too because I want to support you
In anything you do

Now you three days away
And I’m still the same
Blood shot eyes from sleepless nights
I lay awake staring at the ceiling
Wondering if I can be the man I need to be
And the father you deserve from me
As you lay asleep on my chest
I finally believe that I can do my best
You have made my world full of hope and joy
I swear I will find a way to buy you every toy
Kiss your bruises and read until you fall asleep
I’ll even learn to sew you princess dresses

I don’t say these as empty promises to you
I now know it is simply the truth
Because I am your father
And I really, really love you