The Greenhouse Effect

by Jessica Ash

This place,
An aromatic coffee bean
Sincerely birthed for those with personality and purpose
Or, perhaps, no purpose at all
That is why we’ve come here
To ‘The Greenhouse’
Looking for something…
While looking for anything

Prestige- mask upon muddied mask
Ambition- an unyielding reality
The in-house subtly painted with deep mustard yellow

Look up,
A tragically opaque blue mops the ceiling with eclectic taste
This is where the purity of Self
Will slither between mosaics and Picasso-esque paintings

Open up! She’s knocking…

Lust will spill out
Pouring profusely into this vacant air
Grasping for the one individual willing to take hold
Willing to become a wanderer,
In an avid world of writer-itis

Stricken with beauty, montage, and grief
Her name is Poetry

Awe, to live and write in a world full of authors.
I begin to wonder if words will grow stale.
Will they become lifeless, or- like a fine wine- get better with age?

Let the concert begin!
Words slash the air in fleeting syllables
A tirade of lingua spewing to and fro

Here we are ladies and gentleman,
Embedded in the heart of passion.

She speaks…

I call Her,

The Greenhouse Effect’.