Gossamer Red

Hannah Erskine

Gossamer Red
Delicate and fluttering
Thin as hair
Soft as silk
Fragile as tissue paper
Woven and stitched
Smooth as a slow-moving stream

Gossamer Red
Velvet roses
Rain-soaked petals
Reduced to burnt umber
And then to nothing
Return to the dust
To grow again

Gossamer Red
Flowing in streams
Cascading down flesh contour
Bleaching the skin of pigment
Draining life
As it flows
As it dries and crusts

Gossamer Red
Fades to black over time
But always glows bright still
Setting the sky aflame
Unraveling in thread
Velveteen in rain
And dried against the flesh

Gossamer Red
Fades but is never gone for good
For it is the color of life