Thoughts to Tell My Lover by Erick Quinonez

Phone by Sherrie Hogan


Thoughts to Tell My Lover by Erick Quinonez

1. I am in love with your smile.

2. When we kiss, I wonder if you can taste hot chocolate. Not just any hot chocolate, but 

the kind with ice cubes inside –so you don’t burn your tongue. The kind that’s filled 

with marshmallows to the rim just the way you like it, to sweeten our love. I’m just your 

marshmallow here to sweeten and brighten your days.

3. I know I don’t call you babe or baby, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. But instead 

I change your name to certain adjectives that simultaneously describe not only how 

you make me feel, but also the perfect words that I can use to sketch a portrait of you; 

Wonderful, Gorgeous, Amazing, Beautiful…

4. Do you ever realize just how much you make me feel? Whenever I’m with you, I feel 

alive. I feel my heartbeat race like the sound of bursting popcorn drizzled with butter. I 

only hope you notice my blood pumping with excitement, whenever you hold my hand. 

I blush with every charismatic, silly joke that you do. I love it, I love you. You will be 

decorated beautiful forever.

5. Believe me when I say that the highlight of my day is the time I get to spend with you. 

But I also hate fighting the sensation that sometimes when I’m with you, I’m alone.

6. Every kiss goodbye makes me wonder if it will be our last. Not if you’ll leave me, but 

if anyone else will ever see you again. You make me feel scared, which is why I cherish 

every moment and every minute with you. And I know nothing I say can change the way 

you feel, but I want to reassure you that I’m not going anywhere, that I’m staying right 

here. We all love you, please don’t forget this.

7. And yes, in this relationship you wear the pants, with the belt. But don’t expect me to 

admit this to you. Not a chance.