#1 That Same Road Twice by Matthew Anthony Curtis

Germany by Yuliya Stolbova


#1 That Same Road Twice by Matthew Anthony Curtis

This is a story

Little red runs
Not sure where she's going,
but leaving where she has been
with every answer,

This is a poem

she heads to red rocks
beside a white building.
And were it not for serendipity,
A mysterious stranger met
on a shortcut through the woods,
she wouldn't have batted an eye.

This is a fiction

For a day
they dodge blazing geysers
He shows her the stars
They race oppositely down alternating escalators
They go to the moon and stay there a while
And read stories in English accents
Some strangers are more important than same-age

This is nonfiction

He had never had someone comb his hair
the way she does

She never thought she'd meet someone like this.

Red "I must go to red rocks beside a white building."
Serendipity replies "May I keep your heart for a stone?"

One Lash, two Lash blink blink blink
fell swoop
iris of the eye one-eighty
half-moon circle.

Some things are more important than same age

Cutting down trees, he thinks.
She may just take that same road twice.