The Signs Were There

New Car by Karen Hogan //

The Signs Were There by Nachelle Christianson //

The signs are there: he smiled at her and held her gaze. 
She looked away, scared of what might happen. 
Although she was scared, she was familiar with this feeling. 
Glancing down at the blanket that outlined their legs, she blushed. 
He smiled and let his eyes linger a little moment longer on her soft face.
She was so beautiful to him that he could hardly stand it. 
He leaned in a little closer but the fear crept in.
He leaned away.
She noticed him leaning in. 
She noticed him leaning away. 
Doubt filled the room, making it harder to breathe. 
Both sure of their own feelings.
Both unsure of the other’s. 
Both anxious. 
Both hesitant. 
Both a little reserved.
Both feeling free.
The movie ended and they sat for a few moments, watching the credits roll.
Slowly they sat up and removed the blanket from their legs. 
They walked out of his house and to his car.
Long and winding was the road back to her house.
Neither saying a word.
Stomachs clenched and teeth grinding, they sat in a dismal yet excited silence.
He shifted the car into park and they sat there idling. 
Both waiting.
Both wanting.
Both hesitating.
Both doubting. 
She slowly opened the door and then walked inside.
He sat there in his car for a moment and then drove off.
The signs were there.