For Gina

October Sky by Raydon Cardenas //

For Gina by Paula Colborn //
Life was a lovely mountaintop 
She overlooked the scene
Of woods and fields and eagles 
The hint of coming spring. 

In her soul was fire
Touch wrong and be burned
So remember now to try to pause

And the blessings will be earned. 

A better gal could not be found 
She loved us to the end
We all must know we’re privileged 
To just have been her friend.

She lived her life on her own terms 
She would not play it safe
She loved to ride on horseback 
Then fly away in grace.

Why should all of us sorrow 
For this wondrous gifted life 
It was lived so richly
In joy and in strife. 

Some shortened day we’ll find her 
We’ll laugh and know that face 
We all will know the time was here 
When she chose to leave this place.

We’ll see her soul in
Mountain sun and in
Snowy pristine days
Our hearts will warm supremely 

Because she lingers in this place. 

Do not look for earthly time 
Recall that stormy face
When we slip the bonds of earth 
And find her in that place.

She would tell us all don’t weep 
Because her feet have flown
She slipped the bonds of earthly life 
To make her way on home.